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Sometimes the pool is closed for H2O polo games, other swimming meets and various public events. Check here for any changes to your schedule.

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Notes From Paton. December 18, 2014

Mark your calendars! it will be an eventful December and finish to 2014. All of this information is also on our team calendar.

AG Championships!!

The meet is almost here! Time to get organized!

We will need canopy transportation/set up for Saturday morning and Monday evening.

We have 18 swimmers entered in 79 events! Thanks for the quick response last Monday! The meet closed later that morning. I hear that there are 880 swimmers entered in the meet. Crowded pool deck. For those of you that haven't swum in this meet yet, the morning swims are a bit chaotic. 12 and unders compete in one pool, 13 and overs in the other. A lot going on. We will have one coach on deck for each pool on Saturday and Sunday. Just me on Monday.

13 and older swimmers - Saturday morning official and timing requirement. Mark Wallace will be fulfilling our officiating responsibility Saturday morning. We will be sharing timing responsibilities with ICAC in lane 1. One chair for our parents the entire session. We have 13 swimmers in that session. All parents are needed to help. This is our only timing session all weekend.

13 & Over warm up - 7am
12 & Under warm up (south pool only) - 9:40am

These are times that the swimmers need to be in the water. Arrive 15-30 minutes earlier to find the canopies, get checked in, changed, etc.

All swimmers are expected to wear our new team suits and caps.

Get ready to swim fast!

Winter Break Training

We will offer limited practices over the winter break, which starts Dec 22 and goes through Jan 2. See our Calendar Page for the latest schedule information.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week. The pool will be set up long course meters (only 8 lanes total). Space will be tight as we will be sharing with lap swimmers.

Blue/Black - 10am to Noon

Red - 10am to 11am

White - 11am to 11:45am

Novice - 11am to 11:30am

USA Swimming Registration!!!

USA Swimming registration! Check your USA Swimming registration card! Make sure your swimmer is registered for 2015. Unless you've registered since this September, your membership expires 12/31/14. All swimmers must be registered to practice! It's not just for swim meets.

Speaking of photos ...

Check out our Photos page for some of our fun Halloween practice!!

Upcoming meets (meet info at www.si-swimming.org) :

Junior National Championships - December 11-13 (two of our swimmers have qualified)
Winter Age Group Championships - December 20-22 (entries due Dec 8). 18 swimmers currently qualified! How many more can we get to this great meet!

Meet results:

November 15-16 at Loma Verde pool

6 of our swimmers competed in 16 races over the weekend!
12 of the 16 swims were Best Times! No DQS!
Well done Sarah Kaplan, Michelle Kimball, Will MacDonald, Courtney Roistacher, Tatum Roistacher, and Lucas Schuppek!

You can also check the San Diego-Imperial Swimming website for more details on each meet. Note the entry deadlines on meet information are deadlines for me to turn in our team entries. Your entries are typically due on Monday 12 days prior to the meet.

Check out USA Swimming's website for even more information from a national level!

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USA Swimming Webinar about How to Survive and Thrive with a Coach

It’s important for children to learn how to adapt to different coaching styles to get the most out of their practice. For that reason you’ll want to go to the Parents page of our web site on the Growing Champions for Life section and register for the FREE webinar entitled “How to Survive and Thrive with a Coach”, online September 18th, from Growing Champions for Life.

This month’s True Hero Parent article, “The Importance of Small Wins” highlights the reason why helping our kids experience small steps of progress is so important to enjoyment of their sport and feelings of accomplishment. Print the article and pass it along to a friend. Scroll down the page to find other resources that will help you create the most positive sport family environment possible!

Click here to visit the USA Swimming Parents Section, Growing Champions for Life.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Getting started

Everyone should receive email invoices when dues are due. Bring cash/check payment to practice as soon as possible. Be sure you are registered with USA Swimming if you are not already. Click here for a registration form. This needs to happen by January 1st. Please get this done today.

Familiarize yourselves with this website. You can access meet results, meet schedules, team records and time standards (found on our Team Stats website), plus all you need to know about how meets work on our meetinfo page.

Our Local Swim Committee (LSC) (the SI website) is also very useful and has more detailed meet information under their Meets tab.

Our national governing body is USA Swimming. USA Swimming’s website is http://www.usaswimming.org/. An amazing resource for parents, swimmers, and coaches. Register your swimmers for an account through the USA Swimming website and track all of their times, improvement, and what this sport is all about through Deck Pass.

For those of you using Facebook, I also push interesting articles to our Wind N Sea FB group page Wind N Sea Swim Team. Join the group!

What is happening? Schedule changes in December

Check back periodically for up-to-date notices about cancellations and practice schedule changes due to activities at the pool, Spring break, etc. or check our Calendar page!

Upcoming Schedule Changes, December

We will offer limited practices over the winter break, Dec 22 – Jan 2. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week. The pool will be set up long course meters (only 8 lanes total). Space will be tight as we will be sharing with lap swimmers.

Blue/Black - 10am to Noon

Red - 10am to 11am

White - 11am to 11:45am

Novice - 11am to 11:30am

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