Addison Seale

Lots of personal bests, fast swimming, and of course Uno! Congrats girls on a fun and great meet today!

Addison Seale

Hi All, This past weekend at the JCC, 26 swimmers competed in 94 events! 49 Best times! Very solid considering both days were rainy and cold! 6 improved USA Swimming Standards by Lucas Q, Harper C, Christian A, Violet W, and Ella M. Congrats Team! What a way to start the year off strong! *Pictured: Day 1 Team Stretch before Warm Up, and Red Group swimmers Nina K. and Violet W.

Paton McClung

We are happy to introduce our first ever swim meet incentive program! In partnership with Arena, swimmers will receive Arena gear based on the number of swim meets they attend during the year. September through August. 1st meet - WIND bag tag 2nd - Arena goggle case (green, blue, pink, black) 3rd - Arena goggles (various Track mirrored. Junior for 6-12 year old) 6th - Arena mesh gear bag 10th - Arena microcotton towel

GoMotion App

We are proud to announce that our new website is officially live. Wind N Sea Swim Team has partnered with GoMotion to bring our business a brand new look! Check it out and let us know what you think :)